About William P. Barrett

A native of New Jersey, I have lived around the U.S. and abroad pursuing a career as a journalist and author for five decades. My training includes a Chartered Financial Analyst charter, a law degree and admission to the bar of two states. Review my c.v., background and writings at www.williampbarrett.com. In 2016 yet another relocation brought me from Seattle to the Las Vegas area, the seventh state in which I have lived over the past 45 years.

Please consider this blog a modest public effort to explore the essence of Las Vegas and its environs, in the spirit of my previous blog, New To Seattle.com. But as you can see, I often write about far-flung topics, too.

Along the way, my debut novel, OFFSIDE: A Mystery, was published. It’s about the murder of a weekend referee of youth soccer at the height of the California real estate bubble in 2006. Order it on Amazon/Kindle, Barnes & Noble/Nook, or Apple Books.

As it happens, I was a weekend referee of youth soccer (in New Mexico, California, Washington state and Nevada) for two decades. So far, my novel hasn’t proven to be personally prophetic.