It Didn’t Stay Here: Alleged Las Vegas affair before ritzy New York wedding

Las Vegas affairThere’s nothing like an alleged affair in Las Vegas with a Trump angle to spice up the pre-Labor Day dog days of summer.

Page Six, the venerable gossip arm of The New York Post, is reporting today that a Las Vegas waitress starting posting online photos allegedly proving she had a brief affair earlier this year in Las Vegas with an heir to a New York laundry fortune hours before his marriage last weekend at a ritzy Long Island venue to a manager at The Trump Organization. To make the account even more delicious, the waitress, who goes by the name Mayra Angel, posted the photos on Instagram using a hashtag set up by the couple, ensuring that the bride, bridegroom and all the guests would see them.

The heir, Cory Perlson, denied any fling whatsoever, according to The Post. His lawyer is trying to get some kind of restraining order against Angel while also seeking to convince prosecutors to bring criminal charges. What they might be is unclear, if Angel truthfully told The Post she requested no money and hasn’t been in contact with Perlson or his now-wife, Brianna Ehland. Her LinkedIn profile says she has been senior manager of social marketing for The Trump Organization since early 2016 and is a 2014 graduate of the University of Arizona.

But this is more than enough to make Perlson a candidate for my New To Las Vegas list, It Didn’t Stay Here. It’s a roster of folks in hot water somewhere else for something that happened in Vegas. It’s a tongue-in-cheek rebuttal of “What Happens Here, Stays Here,” the infamous marketing slogan of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority.

My list can be found elsewhere on this page. The list even includes Ehland’s boss, who, with cameras rolling, partied in 2013 in Las Vegas with–wait for it–Russians and their flunkies. Among these was the fellow who set up that also infamous July 2016 meeting at Trump Tower at which Donald Trump Jr. thought other Russians in attendance were going to hand over hacked dirt on Hillary Clinton. That meeting continues to cause considerable grief for Trump.

The Post did not describe the exact nature of the photos, which Angel put up on an account called @a.summer.affair . In any event, the pics are no longer viewable on Instagram. Angel told The Post she also had Perlson’s initial tattooed on her body.

There’s no word on where the newlyweds went for their honeymoon. I’m going to make a wild guess that it wasn’t Vegas.

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