In Las Vegas suburb, Home Depot stops blaming governor for masks

Home DepotMaybe Home Depot is showing a little sense.

Two weeks ago in this space, I showed a photo of a big, crudely hand-lettered sign outside the Home Depot store on Marks St. in the Las Vegas suburb of Henderson. Mask-wearing in the store is “mandated by the governor,” it declared.

I opined that blaming Gov. Steve Sisolak, a Democrat, seemed to me more a way to stir up even more mask-wearing opposition following the unfortunate lead of Republican President Donald J. Trump. And also a reason why the coronavirus pandemic might last awhile. In addition, the language of the sign struck me as consistent with the pro-Trump sympathies of Bernard Marcus, a Home Depot co-founder and one of Trump’s biggest contributors in 2016.

Accordingly, I declared a personal boycott of Home Depot.

Now, I’m still New To Seattle. But this blog does get read and sometimes shared. And whadayaknow! Today, I passed by the Home Depot store as I headed to the Costco across the street. The offending (to me, anyway) sign was gone and replaced by the one shown nearby.

“All customers must wear facial coverings while shopping in our stores,” it says. No blame. No finger-pointing. A simple matter-of-fact statement.

So my Home Depot boycott is now over. Time for new light bulbs.

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