Las Vegas COVID-19 per-capita death rate still double that of U.S.

Las Vegas COVID-19 per-capita death rateWith 0.7% of the national population, Clark County, Nevada (home to Las Vegas and the New to Las Vegas world headquarters) had 1.4% of all the COVID-19 deaths in the country yesterday (29 of 2,026). That’s still double the national per-capita death rate.

In one respect this is good news. During the summer, the per-capita death rate in Clark County/Las Vegas was more than 10 times the national rate. But the local bump in my view is still too high for a place utterly dependent on tourism.

A story right now on the Las Vegas Review-Journal website cites the 29 local deaths, but doesn’t mention how bad that is compared to the entire nation. For some reason, aside from this space, this comparison is rarely mentioned in the Las Vegas media, and, of course, not by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, the main local cheerleader for tourism.

Visitors, still be aware.

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