Holiday gift to Las Vegas courtesy of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy

Holiday gift to Las Vegas

Lobby door, USPS East Las Vegas Station, December 16, 2021

“Sorry, no stamps!”

Nine days before Christmas, this cheerful holiday message courtesy of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy greeted customers today at the USPS East Las Vegas Station, 4948 S. Mountain Vista St., Las Vegas, NV 89121. This important branch on the Latino side of town is not far from the New To Las Vegas world headquarters.

There was no immediate word on whether the exuberant exclamation point on the sign was per policy from USPS headquarters in Washington, D.C.

DeJoy, who took office during the Trump administration, has managed to hang on despite problem after problem. He has touted his managerial, logistical and supply-chain expertise.

Marketing, customer service and public relations skills, not so much.

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Holiday gift to Las Vegas courtesy of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy — 6 Comments

  1. In my zip code the mailbox’s are broken and no one at the post office seams to have a clue as to when the community mailbox will get fixed, so you have to stand in line for 45 minutes to an hour just to pick up your mail, the box has been broken for over a month, the attitude is get in line your mailbox will get fix when ever.

  2. David Rupert, of course it was a temporary outage. If it wasn’t, you’d be out of business. There’s no way a Post Office branch should be out of stamps at this time of the year, even for a minute. I heard a few customers ask where they could get stamps, and they couldn’t get an answer.

  3. This was just a temporary outage at this local branch. There was a rush on stamps from a large buyer and we were able to quickly resupply from a neighboring office.

    And aside from minor hiccups like this, overall we are having a great holiday season. Recently, we leased 13 million square feet across more than 100 locations and installed 112 pieces of new processing equipment. Altogether, the new investments added the capacity to process an additional 4.5 million packages each day.

    Coupled with the hiring of tens of thousands of employees, the Plan is already paying dividends. The Postal Service’s service is steadily improving, and our most recent performance report showed the average number of days to deliver a mailpiece was just 2.7 days.

    And if you go to this Post Office today, there are stamps. We appreciate all the love and support from the entire community. It’s really been great to hear for our employees who have had a tough year.

  4. I agree totally.
    DeJoy has been a disaster, gleefully and proudly, for the USPS and for the public who rely on a well functioning USPS.

    It seems that when the public is inconvenienced and (appropriately) frustrated over the dysfunction of the USPS, DeJoy just gets happier!!!

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